Look around any neighborhood in Hawaii and you will see a real change taking place – the “Cool Roof” revolution. Instead of tearing off your old roof and hauling it to the dump every 10 to 15 years, choose to save money by having your existing roof coated with a long lasting coating that is warranted up to 50 years.

With tropical Hawaii weather, homeowners know to brace for the long, hot days ahead. Why is it important your home stays cool? The first reason is obvious–a cool home is a happy home. Its hard to concentrate when you are feeling uncomfortable in the oppressive afternoon heat. Second reason– is that a cool roof can help you cut energy costs. Those who still like to run their air conditioners will happily find that their A/C bills are about 30% less. A cool roof or attic can pay for itself in as little as 2 1/2 years.

We provide products that are specific for your Roof. At Cool Roof Store, we can help you assess what products are right for your roof depending upon the scope of your project. Whether you’re a licensed contractor or a “Do it Yourselfer” looking to save money, we strive to provide as many options to keep your project costs within your budget.


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Cool Roof Store is dedicated to provide excellent service & the best prices as well as great products.robert-nutect-crs-onedaysaleYou can find our biggest sales during our ONE DAY SALE & Seminar, which we hold at least four times a year, on major brand name products like Nu Tech, GACO Roof, StaKool, APOC and our very own Cool Roof Store brand.

During our One Day Sale, we also host seminars to inform the public about products and services that can help them cut energy costs. We also give in-store demos to show just how simple it can be to apply your own roof coatings. You’ll also find weekly flash specials here on our Website. You may also sign up for our Mailing list to be notified about our specials and our Next One Day Sale.

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