CRS Silicone Roof Topcoat

CRS Silicone TopCoat


– 20 year warranty
– High gloss finish
– 1 top coat application
– Great for pitched roofs like Asphalt Shingles

Product Description

Cool Roof Store Silicone Topcoat
is a moisture cured, high solids Silicone based coating. It provides the ultimate barrier and protection from the elements. This high performance coating provides a reflective and protective barrier that cools roof surfaces, helps reduce utility costs and greatly extends the life of your roof. This scientifically generated formulation creates a virtually indestructible coating to weather that will resist ponding water conditions.

· 96% Solids.
· Dries thicker than solvent based
· One Coat application (over most primed surfaces).
· Excellent weatherability & UV
· Withstands unlimited ponding water.
· 20 Year material warranty.
Cool Roof Store Silicone is a single component solventless moisture cure elastomer, designed for use as a cure in place of waterproofing roof coating system which can be sprayed, rolled or brushed onto the desired substrate. This system resists weathering, aging, oxidation and precipitation due to the silicone backbone of the cured polymer. It also, withstands high temperatures and UV radiation, reflecting the heat from the substrate which helps reduce cooling costs during periods of high outside temperatures.


· Tack free time: 2-3 hours @ 75F and 50% relative humidity.
· Cure time: 3-6 hours @ 75F and 50% relative humidity.
· Recoat time: 4-24 hours. Do not exceed the recoat time or poor intercoat adhesion may result.
Special Notes
· High humidity will decrease dry times.
· Recoat Time: 4-24 hours.
· Cure Time: 3-6 hours @ 75F, 50% relative humidity.
· Remove excess or ponding water prior to coating.
· Coating can be cleaned with a mild water and bleach solution if roof surface becomes soiled as it ages. Avoid excessive scrubbing.

Clean-up Solvent

·Use 100% Mineral Spirits to clean liquid product from tools and equipment. DO NOT USE Paint Thinner.


· DO NOT heat or thin. Do not add water to this product.
· DO NOT store above 110°F or allow product to freeze.
· Use protective clothing and eyewear during product application.
· Close container after use.
· Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors and prolonged or repeated skin contact.
· Ensure lid is tight and pail is upright when transporting, carrying, or storing.
· DO NOT allow pail to tumble as this may loosen lid and cause leakage.
· DO NOT use in drinking water or food systems.
· Not for use on EPDM or some single ply membranes.
· Use only with adequate ventilation.
· See MSDS for complete safety data.
· Do not use directly over BUR or Modified bitumen without a sealer.

· Not for use as a roof for a cold storage application of a cryogenic tank without a vapor barrier.

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