Some of the longest lasting roofs.

Metal roofs are a popular roof option here in Hawaii, because they are long lasting, lightweight and easy to install.


Unfortunately, their downfall is that they require maintenance and can be costly to repair.


Luckily, there is a simple solution you can do yourself! Never re-roof, simply coat your roof with high performance, waterproof and reflective coatings.


Metal roofs can be coated in both a silicone or acrylic based coating depending on your needs. These coatings are highly reflective and will lower your home’s interior temperatures. NXT Cool Coat is an acrylic that can be tinted in over 36 color options.


Metal roofs are one of the best roofs for Hawaii. Most metal roofs can be easily repaired and made to last the lifetime of the building.

If you want a new roof we recommend local manufacturer HPM who has serviced Hawaii for decades.  We also use Kloeckner Metal (formerly MacSteel) for both standing seam metal roofs as well as standard corrugation.


LeakMaster Roofing Labor Warranty

up to 7 years max per Hawaii State Law

Material Warranty

For Roof Coatings: between 12-50 years

LeakMaster's Opinion

The one thing you have to watch out for on older roofs is rust.  Most rust can be stopped with NXT Metal Primer if its not too far gone. These can also be topcoated with a silicone, which come in a white, grey or tan color.  If you desire more custom colors for design reasons, we use NXT Cool Coat which will reflect UV sun rays and keep the interior of the building cool, even with dark colors.

Pros & Cons


  • Standing seam metal requires very little maintenance and looks beautiful

  • Standing seam metal doesn’t have exposed fastened that can back out, or rust out

  • Their Kynar paint finishes are very durable


  • Standing seam roofs cost more than regular corrugation, which has exposed fasteners which can rust

  • Corrugated roofing, if not coated, will rust over time.

Frequent Asked Flat Roof Questions

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What are my options for my Metal Roof?

Do it yourself

Applying a roof coating is one of the most cost effective way to lower your energy bills and patch any leaks on your roof. The best part is, anyone can do it themselves and if weather permits, it can be done over one weekend.

Cool Roof Metal Roof Repair

Step 1

Clean and let your roof dry completely! We suggest using a mild organic cleaner and a pressure washer if available, if not a hose and hard bristled brush should get the job done. Caution, metal roofs can be incredibly slippery.

Metal Roof Repair Big Island

Step 2

Reinforce and seal any weak areas and seams in the roof, as well as your hip and ridge grouting and any exposed fasteners. We recommend any acrylic roof mastic, and metal peel and stick tape.

Metal Roof Repair Kauai

Step 3

Prime with a metal etching primer according to product instructions. Do not apply if it is expected to rain within 4-5 hours of application. Let prime cure for 48 hours to 5 days. To achieve better results use product with a pressure sprayer if available.

Metal Roof Repair Maui

Step 4

Once roof is primed, again making sure it is dry, apply desired top coat according to product instructions. There are many options with many benefits. Do not apply if it expected to rain within 1-2 hours. To archive better results use product with a pressure sprayer if available.

Your newly coated roof should last for many years if applied properly.

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