A long term solution for ponding water.

Flat roofs are a very popular roof option here in Hawaii, they are easy to construct and allow for design flexibility.


Unfortunately, their downfall is that because of their flat nature, they tend to collect debris and most importantly ponding water, which will eventually cause leaks.


Luckily, there is a simple solution you can do yourself! Never re-roof, simply coat your roof with high performance, waterproof and reflective coatings.


Flat roofs benefit most from a 100% waterproof silicone coating such as our store brand CRS Silicone with 96% solids or Gaco Roof. They are both highly reflective and will lower your home’s interior temperatures.


In the beginning, all the roofs we did were hot asphalt. They were smelly and very unpleasant to install. Worst of all they cracked after about 10 years and you needed to haul them down to the dump. No matter what kind of flat roof you have — Brai, capsheet or pitch & gravel — we firmly believe your best choice is to coat it with a 96% silicone coating.

LeakMaster Roofing Labor Warranty

up to 7 years max per Hawaii State Law

Material Warranty

For Capsheet/Brai: up to 12 years
For Roof Coatings: up to 50 years

Manufacturer’s Labor Warranty

For Capsheet/Brai, IB, Duro-Last, Mulehide: up to 20 years

LeakMaster's Opinion

For decades roofers in Hawaii have tried to find a long term solution to ponding water on flat roofs.  Standing water, which creates mold and fungus growth, will break down the best of the traditional systems and force you reroof after 10 years or so.  

For commercial roofs we are long time applicators of Duro-Last Single Ply roofing.  It’s track record in Hawaii, when Leakmaster installs it, is 100% effective.

For homeowners a 96% solid Silicone roofs is just as good when applied correctly.

No matter what system you choose for your flat roof, we would avoid any asphalt system as they don’t last in our hot Hawaiian sun.

Pros & Cons
  • 96% Silicones are cool, clean and long lasting with material warranties up to 50 years.

  • Duro-Last Single ply is custom cut to your commercial roof, like a tailored suit, and is billed as “The Worlds Best Roof.”  We have never had a major problem with any that we have put down in the last 10 years plus.

  • Silicone manufacturer’s have warranties that range from 20 to 50 years. So far all the 96% solid Silicones we have tested all appear to be very good–and very similar to each other.

  • Asphalt roofs, like Brai cap sheet, Alumination, pitch and gravel, etc are all dinosaurs.  They do, however, serve as a great base for applying silicones over.

  • Solvent based Silicones, such as GacoRoof, are long lasting but will not clean off easily

Frequent Asked Flat Roof Questions

Q: What should I know about my Flat Roof?


Q: Which is best for my roof, Silicone or Acrylic Roof Coatings?


Q: Should I do my roof before installing Solar PV?


Q: Can I coat a flat roof?


What to know about Flat Roofs.

Do it yourself

Applying a roof coating is one of the most cost effective way to lower your energy bills and patch any leaks on your roof. The best part is, anyone can do it themselves and if weather permits, it can be done over one weekend.

Flat Roof Repair Kauai

Step 1

Clean and let your roof dry completely! We suggest using a mild organic cleaner and a pressure washer if available, if not a hose and hard bristled brush should get the job done.

Flat Roof Repair Big Island

Step 2

Reinforce and seal any weak areas or cracks in the roof, these include roof seams, drip edges, pipes and any other penetrations such as solar. We recommend a water based roof repair sealant, such as APOC 264 and roofing tape.

Flat Roof Repair in Honolulu

Step 3

Silicone can go right over a clean, prepped and dry roof, so simply apply desired top coat according to product instructions. There are many options with many benefits. Do not apply if it expected to rain within 1-2 hours.

Your newly coated roof should last for many years if applied properly.

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